First day of turking

I spent about an hour on Mechanical Turk today. I submitted a total of 348 A9 image adjustment HITs from Tempe, AZ. I timed myself at my peak and in 16 minutes I completed 106 HITs. If every single one of those were accepted, I would earn approximately $11.93 an hour. If my 7.5% rate of rejection stayed about the same, I could earn about $11 an hour. I used to have a job at Dairy Queen where I earned $6.00 an hour. I can almost earn double with mturk.

I used two Greasemonkey scripts to speed up the process (thanks to the Mechanical Turk Monitor for the links): 

As of now it seems very possible to make a steady source of income with Mechanical Turk, and in a week or so I might be able to make my first stock purchase. Again, suggestions of online trading companies are definitely welcomed.


4 Responses to “First day of turking”

  1. Hatch Says:

    Thanks for the links to my blog and the messageboard. I’ll try to link you back this afternoon. As for online trading companies I would go with Scottrade. You’ll need $500 to start the account I think. If you’re just going to buy and hold for a long time you could also go with Sharebuilder. I still use Ameritrade but you now need $2000 to start an account there I think.

  2. chichi Says:

    You should buy shares, or AMZN

  3. scott Says:

    i would definately buy some amzn stocks, when i joined the company last october they were at 33.00 a pop, i now have 22, and they are almost above 50.00, cant beat that

  4. baron Says:

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

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