A lot more productive

Today was a really good Mturk day. I didn’t have a lot of extra time like I thought I would, but I still ended up submitting 332 HITs. I noticed that there were some new HITs where you verify the artist name on a cd cover. You only get one cent though, so it definitely doesn’t compare to the image adjustment hits.

I found out a couple things that really improved productivity and usability. First, the Quicker Image Adjustment script was updated. It now has auto-accept built in, so I got rid of my old standalone auto-accept script. I also found out that I could full-screen firefox with F11 and I could see the full pictures.


As you probably already know, the big black box that said “none of the others” is gone. It has now been replaced with a picture with overlayed text. This might help improve rejection rates because it is going to be a lot harder to write automation scripts.

Probably not going to have much time to Mturk tomorrow because I’m seeing Underoath and Thrice in concert in Dallas.


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