I have returned

I spent the weekend in Dallas. I went to Guitar Center, ate at Chipotle (the best burrito on this planet), saw the fourth Harry Potter movie, which was excellent, and went to the Baylor vs Oklahoma State football game (go Baylor!). I’m back in Waco, ready to do some hardcore Mturking.

I checked my status and found that almost all of my hits have been accepted! In the last 30 days I’ve submitted 1243 HITs. 1124 HITs have been approved, 55 rejected, and only 64 pending. Only 4.7% of my hits have been rejected! I have only really worked three hours total and I have accumulated earnings of $33.72, with about $2 pending. Mturk is a very viable source of income for a college student who doesn’t have a lot of time to put forth towards a typical job. Just turking an hour a night can bring in nearly $300 a month!


I will start turking again tonight. Hopefully I can put in a few extra hours to make up for what I missed. I am looking forward to making my first investment. I haven’t chosen a broker yet so I don’t know my first milestone. Amazon stock is pretty inflated right now but if it comes down I will probably buy some.


6 Responses to “I have returned”

  1. vanina Says:

    hi, I’m a french journalist ans I’m doing a documentary in which I’d like to approach the Amazon’s mturk. I’m looking for people who are “turking” in order to do interviews about this subject. If you’re interested, please send me an email, my addres is vaninak@noos.fr. I’ll be in the States for the shooting of my documentary at the end of may 2007.
    thanks a lot,

  2. mia Says:

    that is incredible how much you can make from MTURK. i used it for only 4 days and i have made 96$. when i think about that i can make 400$ + per month… which is pretty impressive for a 13 year old. if you see this comment, i was wondering why you submit so many HITS. i have only sumited 40 total.

  3. b ory Says:

    do you type fast?and do you spell check?

  4. Rebecca Jean Says:

    I want to know what kind of hits are you doing on Mturk to make $300 dollars a month for only 1 hour a day.

    At the rate I am going on Mturk, I only make about $2.00 for 1 hour a day , which averages out to about $60 a month. I do mostly rewrites and paraphrases on Amazon turk and the earnings are slow.

    I need to make more money. Can you tell me how to make more money on Amazon turk?

  5. MturkHelp Says:

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  6. Emily Says:

    4.7%? That is a LOT of rejections. I’m annoyed that my rejections are at 1.2%.

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